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 What's the best job on campus?

     How would you like to have the best job on campus?  Iím claiming to know the best job on campus, and I donít even know which campus youíre thinking of. Itís quite a claim, Iíll admit. Why donít we try this. Iíll tell you what I believe it is, and...

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So, why are you going to college?

     I am always amazed at students who will offer up a list of colleges they would like to attend, but remain at a loss when asked what they would like to study. This is a serious example of "the tail wagging the dog." When I probe further, I hear responses such as the following:

"I want to go to ABC University because my cousin goes there."

"Iím going to X, Y, or Z colleges because they have a great baseball program and I want to play."

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Do you need to take a test-prep program?

      Students and parents seem to spend a lot of time and effort trying to decide whether or not to invest time and money in test preparation. Itís not hard to figure out why they do it. College admissions (to 4-year programs and selective 2-year programs) are almost always determined in part by test scores. Scholarship awards are often determined in part by test scores. Certainly any program that increases chances for admissions and chances for a scholarship has got to be a hot ticket, right?  

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I was wondering...
How do I get an athletic scholarship?
Do I really need to take a foreign language?
What's the deal with trade schools?
How much will my family have to pay?
What do I need in my art portfolio?
Are local scholarships worth my time and effort?
What's up with the new SAT?
What about the ACT Writing Test?
Are there free SAT practice tests available?
What about my guidance counselor?



Two-year vs. four-year colleges

     One primary consideration in choosing a college for many students is the choice between a two-year and a four-year college. Many students decide to study for one or two years at a local community college. While attending the two year school, a student takes care of many of the courses required for any four-year program, and can earn an Associates Degree as well.

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Do you need to complete the FAFSA? (Hint: Yes!)

     Why complete the FAFSA? Thatís easy! The FAFSA "Öopens the door to the federal aid process." That mini-quote comes to you straight from the FAFSA on the Web page, where you can find comprehensive information on the FAFSA, and even complete it online. For those who are not yet convinced they need to complete it, here are a few things to keep in mind.

     The FAFSA is the starting point not only for grants, but also for student loans and work-study jobs. Even students who donít qualify...

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Eating Disorders and College Students

Campus Safety


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